Meet Us

Emily Cannon

Your story matters; tell it. Making the decision to pursue counseling is brave-I know because I’ve done it. I don’t think I have the right to sit in the “therapist chair” and counsel others without having worked on my own issues in the seat you are thinking about taking. I have been in counseling at various times in my life and am committed to an ongoing process of self-awareness and growth. Read More >>

Brooke Carr

When relational stress, worry, fears, insecurities, hopelessness or loss become overwhelming, you do not need to suffer alone. I consider it a privilege to come alongside clients as they find meaning and hope in the midst of their circumstances. One of my greatest joys as a counselor is helping clients work through their struggles, find freedom and enjoy a full life.  Read More >>

Jessica Diller

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed being with other people, learning about their life experiences and doing things that helped and supported others.  Through my own personal life experiences and some talented and caring professionals, I learned how to cope with life’s struggles, work through grief, and become a strong and confident person.  I learned what it was like to have someone support, encourage and accept me all in a space where I felt comfortable.  I decided I wanted to put myself in a position to be able to help others looking for support.  I strive to meet you where you are and give you the care, support, and acceptance to meet your goals.   Read More >>

Brooke LaChance

The relationships in our lives can be some of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences we have. When those relationships encounter a  challenging phase, I believe it is important to strengthen these relationships. When working with individual clients, I believe to combat things such as depression and anxiety we must focus on that individual’s experiences with others. When working with couples, I believe helping the couple reach a common ground and to better understand each other’s point of view.  Read More >>

Jenna Lavoie

My friends and family describe me as calm, compassionate, dependable, and sincere. My friends feel that I am approachable and that they are able to experience a sense of peace as they share what is on their heart with me. I have always been somewhat reserved about my own feelings and am only able to open up once I feel accepted and comfortable with another person. I know that it is scary to show transparency with a stranger and it takes time to develop the counseling relationship just as it does with any other friendship. It is my goal to provide a relaxed, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment so that you feel comfortable sharing your own story with me. Read More >>